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10 Simple Self Help Makeup Tips For A Perfect Makeover | Parlour in Delhi | Salon in Lajpat Nagar | Malviya Nagar | Dwarka

Applying make-up can be painstaking and cumbersome at times for a few of us. It gets even harder when you have to do it for yourself! You need not worry if your plan it accordingly. The following tips and steps will help you to get the perfect makeover!

How to do Self Makeup

Here I share with you 10 Self makeup tips which you can follow for best results.

Tip #1: Sharp eye and lip liners
To get super sharp liners, you have to freeze them in a refrigerator. Place your liners in refrigerator in the morning if you are planning to go for an evening party. Sharp the liners before applying the makeup and you get the best results ever.

Tip # 2: Always scrub
When you don’t scrub your face, the dry and dead skin makes your face look dull and dark. So scrubbing is necessary for a perfect look.

Just mix baking soda and water in equal quantities and stir it well.
After mixing, apply it on your face and rub it into your skin gently for up to 3 to 4 minutes and then wash it with clean water.

Tip #3: A Foundation is all you need
For getting a fair skin tone, we use “Foundation” as the base layer of makeup. But when done poorly, it looks too cakey and uneven. So it is essential that you apply this perfectly so that it appears invisible. Don’t do the mistake of blending the foundation down the neck and out on the ears. This will make you look like a clown.

Tip #4: Get Set Blush
Most of us think that Blush is a powdered makeup which adds colour to cheeks, but it does more than this. It shadows and contours the cheekbones. If badly applied, blush gives some sort of a 80s look and that too not in a god way.

Tip #5: The Eyeconic Eyes
My sister jokes about certain women saying their eyes look like “shutter doors” as they apply lots of eye shadow. The biggest mistake is that they mess up their makeup with an overdose of eyeliner, using it on the top and bottom lash line till it shrinks the eye. If you have some bold and very dark eyeliners, use them for night parties, this gives you a pretty look. These shades are not meant for the day at all!

Tip # 6: Be Smart with Mascara
Everyone likes waterproof mascara, I too love it. But I struggle too much while removing it. So I always apply a first coat with regular mascara, then above this I apply the waterproof one. Using this way, the waterproof mascara locks onto the other mascara instead of eye lashes and it is easy to remove.

Tip #7: Slides smoothly
If you want make your lips appear stunningly fresh, then scrub them so that the lip colour slides smoothly without caking. Take a toothbrush and rub it over your lips to take off the damaged skin, you can also use a hard cloth towel for this. (Don’t do it many times in a day, it will torture your lips)

Tip #8: Stunning Lips
Lip shade in bright colours like pink and orange draw more attention to your lips and looks tacky. A shiny gloss gives a bold effect so you can use them for dim-light occasions like holidays and night parties. While applying lipstick, you must choose a bit darker shade than natural colour of your lips, this gives realistic effect to your lip.

Tip # 9: Luminous is perfect
Everyone has their own natural face shadow. For looking fairer, you should brighten the natural shadow. It is very easy, stand in front of a mirror and smile – you will see the dark areas under your bottom lip or at the corners of your eyes. To cover these areas, just take an eye shadow with a white shade and blend it in with your fingers.

Tip #10: Soft touch
When blending or applying foundation, we usually use makeup brushes. But the skin of your face is delicate, so the prefect tool for applying makeup will be your ring finger. It applies makeup boldly and gives a perfect look, and also saves the time.

Follow these cool tips for a beautiful makeover.

How To Make Pores Smaller With Makeup Tips | Parlour in Delhi | Salon in Lajpat Nagar | Malviya Nagar | Dwarka

Large and open pores often stand in the way of achieving our dream complexion. If you’re among the many others who suffer from enlarged pores and tired-looking skin, here’s the good and the bad news – you can’t make your pores disappear, but you can certainly make them look smaller with a proper skin care regimen and a few makeup techniques. If you’re eager to find out how to make pores smaller with makeup, minimizing the appearance of those gigantic pores, keep reading!

What Causes Large Pores?

Besides the three main factors being an oily skin type, your age, and your sex, if you’ve wondered what else causes large pores, here’s a bunch of valid reasons from dermatologists:

Genetics are a contributing factor when it comes to your pore size

Sun damage and prolonged exposure to sun rays can thicken your skin and lead to bigger pores
As you age, your skin loses its elasticity, and this causes it to stretch and sag, making the pores on your face appear larger

An excess amount of oil and dead skin cells can clog your pores and cause them to appear larger than usual

Blackheads can increase pore size by expanding the area of your pores

How To Make Pores Smaller With Makeup

With the right products and a wee bit of professional makeup artist techniques and know-how, you can make your pores look like they’ve disappeared (at least until you have your makeup on).

Here’s a tip that will always come in handy – the key to making your airbrushed complexion believable begins before you even apply your foundation. No matter what products you use on top of your skin to help refine your pores, none will work unless your skin is adequately hydrated first.

Prepping is vital, and this includes cleansing, exfoliating, and moisturizing. You can also use a toner or micellar water to neutralize the skin. Ice also works as a simple yet effective remedy to help shrink large pores before applying your makeup.

Choose skin care and makeup that’s suitable for your skin type. You must use products that are specifically designed to help prime and smooth your skin.

What You Need

1. Primer

Primers not only make your skin look more refined and smoother, but they also help make your foundation stick to your skin for hours on end. For very large pores, it’s best to use a silicone-based primer as these have a thicker consistency and work well to smoothen out pores, wrinkles, acne scars, and fine lines. They also prevent breakouts and aggravation of acne.
We recommend the POREfessional Face Primer from Benefit Cosmetics and the Pore Filler from NYX.

2. Foundation

When you’re looking for a foundation to conceal large pores, it’s best to avoid dewy and illuminating formulas or the ones that leave you with a matte finish. Look for products that give you a “silky,” “natural,” “satin,” “flawless,” or an “HD” finish. These work to camouflage pores and don’t feel heavy on the skin.

3. Finishing Powder

For an instant airbrush finish, a finishing powder or a setting powder can be your savior.

We recommend Dermablend Loose Setting Powder, which is a translucent, waterproof powder and stays put for 16 hours without caking! If you want something for on-the-go touch-ups, try IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores Pressed Anti-Aging Finishing Powder.

4. Makeup Brushes

Use makeup brushes with soft, high-quality bristles. Also, using a dense foundation brush will help your foundation fill and cover enlarged pores, rather than sweeping over them.

How To Make Pores Look Smaller With Makeup – Step By Step Tutorial
Follow the steps to disguise large pores with makeup and achieve a flawless base.

1. Prep Your Skin

Start by washing your face with a gentle, oil-free cleanser. Apply an alcohol-free toner or some micellar water to eliminate dead skin cells or other bacteria. Apply a lightweight, hydrating moisturizer. For best results, choose one with Salicylic Acid, which will help make your pores appear smaller. Once you moisturize, give your face at least five minutes before moving on to the primer.

2. Priming Is Key

Take a little bit of your pore minimizing primer and use your fingers to work it deeply into the areas with enlarged pores using circular motions. Next, apply firm pressure with your fingers and gently pat the areas where you applied your primer. This helps to smooth the product out and give your skin a more even, smooth base.

3. Time For Your Foundation

Use a small stiff brush to work your foundation into areas where you have enlarged pores. Work this brush in a circular motion over the affected areas, so your foundation formula covers the entirety of the pores and does not just skim over the top of the skin. Once you finish this, use a regular foundation brush in stippling motions to go over other areas.

4. Set It With A Powder

Use a powder puff to apply your setting powder. Fold it in half and use firm pressure and roll that powder puff over the skin to deposit the powder right into the pores.

You can do your lips and eyes to finish the look.

Tips To Make Pores Look Smaller With Makeup
Now that you have a fair idea of how you can use makeup products and tools to visibly shrink pores and smooth out your complexion, here are a bunch of other essential tips that will come in handy.
Remember, to actually make your pores look smaller with makeup on, other important factors also contribute to the dream (for instance, how well do you look after your skin?) Take a look!

Use Non-Comedogenic Products
The key to making pores look smaller is to keep them clear. Dermatologists always advice sticking to non-comedogenic makeup and moisturizers. Avoid products that contain heavy ingredients like mineral oil, petroleum, and chemicals that may irritate pores and make them look even bigger.

Exfoliation Is Key
We can’t stress enough upon how important exfoliation is – use a gentle scrub to deep clean areas where pores are more noticeable, like around the chin and nose. Experts recommend exfoliation two to three times a week to slough away dead skin cells.

Skin Care Regimen
Follow a proper regimen for your skin – CTM (Cleansing, toning, moisturizing) routine will be your skin’s best friend! You can also incorporate retinol and exfoliating acids like glycolic acid to help clear up your skin and get the gunk out of the pores.

Never EVER Forget Your Sunscreen
Wearing a broad-spectrum sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 30 is critical not just to prevent the enlargement of pores from sun damage but for the overall health of your skin.

Be Gentle With Your Skin And Get Facials
Don’t be aggressive when you clean and exfoliate your skin. Also, skin picking can only worsen the condition of your face and can cause serious damage to your pores. Get facials every four to six weeks because a little professional exfoliation and extraction can help your skin look and feel healthier.

Always Keep Your Skin Hydrated
You can start by drinking a lot of water and swearing by your moisturizer. Don’t skip it even for a day because your skin will respond by producing excess amounts of oils that will further clog up your pores. You can also use a hydrating serum before putting on your moisturizer to shrink pores and plump up the surrounding skin.

Find Your Holy-Grail Face Mask
At-home treatments such as face mask and peels work well with consistent use. Use a mask containing charcoal or clay to absorb the oil out of your pores. Also, if you have different types of problem areas, you can try the multi-tasking technique.

Tips To Prevent Large Pores

  • If your genes aren’t responsible for those large pores, have you wondered what you could do and not do to prevent having gigantic pores in the first place? Because prevention is always better than cure.
  • NEVER sleep with makeup on Don’t skip the SPF
  • Eat right and maintain a healthy diet. Avoid processed foods that can inflame your skin and cause clogged pores.
  • Do not use oil-based skin products.
  • We all wish to have a luminous, poreless skin and yes, the struggle is real! Don’t be disheartened if your skin isn’t perfect. Keep in mind that incorporating a few simple techniques to the way you take care of your skin, and also to how you do your makeup can make a whole lot of difference to the appearance of pores. What are your go-to steps to cover up pores? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Tricks to Apply Red Lipstick Like a Makeup Artist | Make-Up | Parlour in Delhi | Salon in Lajpat Nagar | Malviya Nagar | Dwarka

Smooth the surface

With a bold lip, you want the attention to be on your daring color choice, not how dry and flaky your lips are. “With a sophisticated matte lipstick, you need smooth, hydrated lips,” Hess says. She likes to exfoliate with a store-bought sugar scrub but says you can make your own by mixing raw sugar and honey into a paste. Don't miss these makeup mistakes that make your skin look dry.

Add moisture

To apply lipstick like a pro, keep any more cracks and flakes from forming by getting your lips hydrated. Hess recommends organic argan oil—anything that’s too shiny could ruin the color of your lipstick. Do your face and eye makeup while waiting for your oil or balm to work its magic, Mae says. “It gives it the opportunity, even if for just five minutes, to allow the lip to be moisturized,” she says.

Give your lipstick a base

You might want to start with lip primer if you’re concerned that your color will fade, but a sharp lip liner is even more essential to getting a crisp, long-lasting color. “Typically lip liner is more waxy, so it holds it in place and prevents bleeding,” Mae says. Check out these makeup tricks that make you photo ready.

Use a lip brush

A bold color requires a bit more control when applying it. “If you take a tube and wipe it back and forth, you’ll get way too much product on,” Hess says. A lip brush, on the other hand, makes it easier to get a thin layer that doesn’t travel outside your lip line. Applying lipstick from the center of the lip up will make your lips even more full, she says.

Set the color

Keep your color in place with translucent powder. Lay a tissue over your lips, then use a powder brush to distribute the product over your mouth. The powder will go through the tissue to set the color, Mae says. After it’s set, you can add another thin layer of lipstick, Hess says.

Make it crisp

If you end up with lipstick where you didn’t want it, pull out your concealer or foundation to rescue your look. “Use a concealer brush to carefully run it around the line of your lips to get that crisp edge and clean up any little accidents you had when applying,” Mae says. A pencil product makes it especially easy to get a clean line, she says. Here's how to fix these other sloppy makeup mistakes.

Go for gloss

For a bit of sparkle or shine, you can finish with a gloss, but be warned that it probably won’t last long and could take the rest of your lipstick with it, Mae says. “Because it’s tacky and sticky and wet, it will come off no matter what,” she says. If a glossy lip is the look you want, she recommends using a liquid lipstick rather than a traditional tube. Liquid is drier and longer lasting than regular lipstick, so even if your gloss slides off, the base color will stick around longer. Use these tricks to make your makeup last in the heat.

Strike the right balance

A smoky eye could be overpowering with a red lip, especially during the day, though it’s all about personal preference, Mae says. To avoid an overly heavy makeup look, Hess recommends picking two out of three when it comes to eyes, lips, and face. Pair red lips with either a bold eye or bold, contoured cheeks—but not both, she says. Read these simple makeup tips that make your eyes pop.