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5 Bobby Pin Hacks That Actually Work For You | Parlour in Delhi | Salon in Lajpat Nagar | Malviya Nagar | Dwarka

The thin pins are incredibly versatile, insanely inexpensive, and get the job done — simple as that. But they can do more than just secure that complex updo; bobby pins are an essential tool when it comes to beauty hacks.

Read on to learn five genius uses:

The Winged Eyeliner Hack

Not sure how to master the retro makeup look? Use the ends to create an outline for a cat eye. Shade the open edges of a bobby pin with an inky, black liquid eyeliner to create your stamp. Then carefully place the bobby pin at the outer corner of your eye (touching your skin), with the longer edge on the bottom, and voilà — you’ve got the blueprint for a winning winged look. Fill in the triangle and connect it to a thin line that hugs your upper lash line.

The Ponytail Hack

A flat, lifeless ponytail gets an instant lift with a bobby pin — it’s just all about the angles. Stick a bobby pin vertically into the underside of your hair tie (so it’s hidden and facing down toward your neck). Place your ponytail hair back on top of the pin to conceal it.

The Nail Art Hack

Dip the end of a bobby pin into your hue-of-choice and go dot crazy. Add a bunch of multi-colored designs to your digits or opt for a minimalist look with just one dot on each finger.

The False Lash Hack

Add the perfect amount of lash glue to the strip of your falsies with a bobby pin. Apply a bit of glue to the tip of a pin and then slide it over the lash strip.

The Makeup Brush Hack

Create a contouring brush in a pinch by adding a bobby pin (or more, depending on the size of your tool) horizontally halfway to fan out and firm up those bristles.

Summer Beauty Hacks You Need to Know | Parlour in Delhi | Salon in Lajpat Nagar | Malviya Nagar | Dwarka

Luckily we’ve got 17 awesome beauty and makeup hacks to keep your skin, hair and nails looking picture-perfect all summer long.

1. Aloe Ice Cubes: Pour aloe into an ice cube tray and use them to soothe any bits of skin that didn’t get covered with sunscreen. (via Hello Natural)

2. Chamomile Bikini Line Rescue: If you start getting a rash along your bikini line, steep a couple bags of chamomile tea in hot water. Put them in the freezer for 15 minutes and then lay them along your bikini line to soothe the irritation.

3. Keep Your Color: Sun, salt water and chlorine can all seriously damage your hair, especially your hair color. Perk up your locks and help extend the lifetime of your color by spritzing apple cider vinegar into your hair every time you have fun in in the sun. (via Seventeen)

4. Bye, Bye Blisters: No one wants to have Band-Aids on their toes while rocking those cute, strappy sandals you just made. Keep blisters away by rubbing your ankles and toes with deodorant (yes, deodorant!). The antiperspirant wicks away moisture and friction. (via Self)

5. Mosquito Repellent: Bugs are gross, but sometimes that bug spray can feel just as toxic, not to mention super greasy and terrible for your skin. DIY your own bug spray that’ll keep you smelling fresh and bug-bite-free. (via Brit + Co)

6. Easy Aftershave: There is nothing worse than shaving and having your legs look like they just walked through a thorny forest. Dust baby powder over your shaved legs to prevent irritation and chafing. (via DIY and Crafts)

7. Homemade Bronzing Lotion: When you want to add a bit of summery glow to your legs and arms, add some shimmery copper or gold eyeshadow to your lotion. If it’s really hot, you can even store your lotion in the fridge for an instant, cooling refresher. (via Elements of Ellis)

8. Frizz Control: We adore coconut oil for a multitude of beauty reasons, one of which includes keeping the frizz under control. Mix up equal parts coconut and avocado oil together and spritz into the ends of your hair to keep moisturized on the hottest of days. (via Seventeen)

9. Baby Powder as Sand Repellant: We’ve sung the praises of baby powder before as dry shampoo, but throw a bottle into your beach bag for this ah-mazing hack. Sprinkle powder on your feet, legs and body and you’ll be able to wipe all of the sand off immediately. (via Beauty High)

10. Baking Soda Rescue: From giving extra shine to your hair to working as an exfoliant for removing self tanner to unclogging pores and blackheads, baking soda may turn into your new favorite beauty product this summer. (via She Knows)

11. Shave a Little Less: With warmer weather comes more exposure, and that means more shaving. If you’re looking for a way to skip a day or two of razors, try a mix of sugar, lemon and water for an all-natural concoction that slows hair growth. (via Elle)

12. Whiten Those Pits: Yep, it’s awkward and gross, but if you’re a human chances are you’ve got some stains on those pretty white shirts. If you’re out of stain remover, put lemon juice on the stain before throwing it in the wash and those sweat stains will disappear. (via Beauty High)

13. Stick to Waterproof Makeup: Whether it’s humidity, life by the pool or a sweaty game of beach volleyball, you don’t want your makeup melting down your face. Summer-proof your makeup with some of our favorite tricks. (via Brit + Co)

14. Keep Your Nails and Nail Polish Cool: Trying to get a cute manicure before heading to the beach? First, make sure you store your polish in the fridge, because cold polish goes on more smoothly. And if you’re in a rush, dunk your freshly painted fingers in some cold water for three minutes to make sure everything is set. (via Byrdie)

15. Fix a Tan Line: Get rid of those awkward tan lines in one minute by applying moisturizer to the already-tanned skin and then use a makeup sponge to apply self-tanner to the white lines. Make sure you blend the color evenly into the paler skin for a sneaky tan line disguise. (via Makeup)

16. Beachy Waves: We’re all obsessed with messy, sexy beach hair, and this headband trick promises to work on even the straightest of tresses. (via Wikihow)

17. Overnight Sunburn Remedy: Even the most avid sunblock lovers can forget to reapply or miss a crucial area and end up with a bright red spot of pain. DIY an all-natural sunburn remedy with apple cider vinegar and coconut oil to give your skin some much needed TLC. (via Living in Another Language)

What’s your favorite summer beauty hack? Share your tips and tricks in the comments below!

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Beauty Hacks That Will Change Your Makeup Routine For Life | Parlour in Delhi | Salon in Lajpat Nagar | Malviya Nagar | Dwarka

1. The Hashtag

Smoked out eyeshadow is one of the hardest makeup tricks to perfect. Dark shades of eye shadow can be seriously messy and difficult to put the perfect amount on. We hate to admit it, but more often than not we end up looking more like a raccoon than a sexy goddess.

The solution: Try taking an eye-shadow stick or creamy eyeliner pencil in whatever color you want, and drawing a hashtag symbol on the end half of your eye. You can go over the lines depending on how dark you want the shadow to look. Next, use a smudging tool (a lot of eyeliners have these built in on one end) and blend out the lines until you have the perfect smokey eye look that so many of us struggle to achieve.

2. The Triangle

Brightening your under-eyes is one of those things that seems so much easier than it actually is. For those of us with dark circles and puffy eyes, even concealer doesn’t always do the trick. It can feel hopeless and leave you with creases from trying to layer on enough product to cover the darkness.

The solution: Apply your concealer in an upside-down triangle. When we first learn how to do makeup, we usually just assume that concealer is applied with a swipe straight across your under-eyes. Little did most of us know, the best way to brighten the area is to apply the product in a triangle. Not only will this make your eyes look brighter and cover more surface area, you’ll also be left with the appearance of higher cheekbones.

3. Using Eyeliner to Prime

Eyeshadows with no pigment are just asking for a mess. You see the pan filled with beautiful, colorful powder, perfect for the look you want to achieve. Unfortunately, when you try to apply it, you end up with a mess of fallout and a translucent version of the color you were hoping for.

The solution: Use white eyeliner to color-prime your lids. With that as a base, your shadow will pop against the white and you’ll get the beautifully pigmented color you were hoping for.

4. Tape = Perfectly Winged Liner

Getting even-length eyeliner wings is basically the bane of every makeup-lover’s existence. It’s basically impossible to freehand two perfect wings, so we basically always end up over-lining our eyes in a desperate attempt to balance out each side. Sadly, this method has failed us on more than one occasion and we usually end up having to accept our fate.

The solution: Use Scotch tape. That’s right, you heard us. This surprisingly effective tip will have your wings looking perfect every time. Make sure to dull the stickiness of the tape by blotting the sticky side with your finger first. Next, position the tape at an angle by your eye. Any crooked lines or runny mascara will just get caught by the tape, leaving you with perfectly pointed wings every time.

5. Use a Business Card

You know that moment. The one where your eyeshadow actually looks flawless for once and all that’s left is putting on mascara. Easy, right? Except in 0.2 seconds you somehow manage to get weird mascara lines all over your lid, effectively ruining the rest of your eye makeup.

The solution: Hold a business card behind your lashes so that any extra mascara transfers onto the card and not your makeup masterpiece.