Sunday, 3 September 2017

Best 5 Ways to Use Coriander for Skin | Skin Care | Parlour in Delhi | Salon in Lajpat Nagar | Malviya Nagar | Dwarka

1. Coriander with succulent allover:

Freshly ground coriander together with allover will be applied on the skin. This helps to urge obviate wrinkles.

2. Coriander with lemon juice:

A combination of ground coriander with some juice once applied on the settled space will do wonders for skin disorder and blackheads. Coriander allows the dead cells to be removed and results in a rejuvenated skin.

3.Coriander face pack: 

Grind the coriander, add milk, add honey and juice and apply on the face. This restorative can leave you with glowing skin.

4. Coriander with rice and yogurt:

A combination of ground rice and dairy product relaxes facial muscles and cells and leaves you rested. create a mix of it and apply it sort of a mask.

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